The company has existed since the 2000th year. The main production base is located on the territory of the Municipality of Pomorie, Bulgaria. For industrial purposes, AM Dimitar Sevastyanov uses his own land.

AM Dimitar Sevastyanov has its own uterine base for production of root cuttings. The planting material which the company produce is in accordance with the Bulgarian National Catalog of Varieties, which is constantly controlled and qualified by seed control authorities at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Modern technology is used in the production process. The finished material is free of disease. Certification of seedlings guarantees quality and purity.

Farmer Dimitar Sevastyanov produces and sells rootstocks SO4 cuttings, category “Base”.


The team working in the company is energetic and motivated, highly qualified.

Dimitar Sevastyanov is a member of the Management Board of the National Association of Vine Growers. The association is a voluntary, independent, non-profit organization to act for the private benefit of its well-established members.

Dimitar Sevastyanov is a member of Rotary Club Pomorie.

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