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Maycrest Peach Tree

The Maycrest peach originates from USA. The flowering is medium early. The tree's growth rate is average. It ripes around 3rd-10th of June. The fruits are medium-sized to large. The skin of the fruit is entirely red, slightly hairy and very thin, easily removable from the meat. Yellow on the [...]

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Peach Rosa Del West

Rosa Del West is an itallian peach. It blooms in the middle of the season. Incredibly high productivity. The fruits are large , round and with a thin line in the middle. The average weight of the fruit is around 190 grams. The skin's colour is mostly a pleasant mix [...]

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Almond Texas

This sort of almonds is late , self-pollinated with early bloom. Good fertility, constant productivity. Durable during winter and late spring frosts. The fruits fully ripen during the 15th-20th of september. They have middle sized nut and smooth, hard shell. They start giving their fruit after being planted for 3 [...]

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Peach Coscia

This variety of pear originates from Italy. Average grow rate, with average flowering. Resilient during winter cold and late spring frosts. Good fertility with constant productivity. They ripen in the middle of August. The pollinators are Williams and Akcha. The skin is thick and the colours are light green and [...]

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Andros Peach

Self-fertile peach. Middle sized fruit. The meat is yellow , hard and truly delicious. The seed doesn't seperate off the meat. A variety of peach which can be consumed directly while it is fresh but it is also perfect for compotes and sweets.

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Cherry Jalta Draganova

Cherry Jalta Draganova. Matures during 20th-25th of june. Late bloom. The tree is flowering heavily. It's also durable to late spring frost. The fruits are middle sized , broad heart shaped to spherical shape. The seed is easily removable. Very sweet. Suitable for fresh consumation, conservation/compotes, freezing and particulary used [...]

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Cherry Kordia

Cherry Kordia grows during the period of 20-30th of june. Pollinaters suitable for the cherry are : vann, regina , hidelfingen, star and others. Rapidly growing tree. Late bloom. Durable to low temperatures and late spring frost . Highly fruiting and constant fertility. Very large, heart shaped, dark red, juicy, [...]

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Cherry Summit (Hrushtyalka)

Cherry Summit is moderately growing assortment, very good fertility, produced constantly. Late bloom. Matures during the period 30.05 - 10.06. Summit is durable during the low winter temperatures and the late spring frost. The fruits are large, heart shaped, dark red. The fruit's flesh is dark red, dense , juicy [...]

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