Almond trees for sale.

Almond Texas

This sort of almonds is late , self-pollinated with early bloom. Good fertility, constant productivity. Durable during winter and late spring frosts. The fruits fully ripen during the 15th-20th of september. They have middle sized nut and smooth, hard shell. They start giving their fruit after being planted for 3 [...]

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Ferenya Almonds

Ferenya is the earliest almond variety. The full ripening of the fruits is around 15-20 August. Flowering is early and prolonged. Ferenya almonds have good fertility and constant productivity. Sustainable variety of winter frosts and late frosts in spring. The shell is smooth, medium-hard, light brown. The kernel has the [...]

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Tuono Almonds

Tuono almonds are highly productive. The kernel is extremely tasty and large (4.5g), very often preferred in the confectionery industry. The shell is a medium-hard, typical almond shape, brown. Ripening period: ≈ End of August - beginning of September. The Tuono almond is a self-fertile variety.

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