Cherry trees for sale.

Cherry Jalta Draganova

Cherry Jalta Draganova. Matures during 20th-25th of june. Late bloom. The tree is flowering heavily. It's also durable to late spring frost. The fruits are middle sized , broad heart shaped to spherical shape. The seed is easily removable. Very sweet. Suitable for fresh consumation, conservation/compotes, freezing and particulary used [...]

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Cherry Kordia

Cherry Kordia grows during the period of 20-30th of june. Pollinaters suitable for the cherry are : vann, regina , hidelfingen, star and others. Rapidly growing tree. Late bloom. Durable to low temperatures and late spring frost . Highly fruiting and constant fertility. Very large, heart shaped, dark red, juicy, [...]

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Cherry Summit (Hrushtyalka)

Cherry Summit is moderately growing assortment, very good fertility, produced constantly. Late bloom. Matures during the period 30.05 - 10.06. Summit is durable during the low winter temperatures and the late spring frost. The fruits are large, heart shaped, dark red. The fruit's flesh is dark red, dense , juicy [...]

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Lapins Cherry Tree

Lapins cherry tree is a self-pollinated variety that ripens June 20-30. Large to very large reddish-brown fruits with gloss, firm-fleshy, sweet-sour, with excellent taste. Early in fruition. Flowering is moderately early with moderate growth. Resistant to late frosts. It can be a pollinator for all other cherry varieties. Easy transportation [...]

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